All sandwiches served on a bun or homemade bread with chips and your choice of: coleslaw, potato salad or cottage cheese and pickles.

BBQ Pulled Pork                                   $5.50

Chicken Salad                                       $5.50

Shredded Chicken                                $5.50

Susie Q (loose ground beef)                $5.50

Tuna Salad Sandwich                           $5.50

Hot Dog                                                 $2.00

                   Add Chili                             $ .50

                   Onions or Cheese              $ .25

Peanut Butter and Jelly                         $2.50

Extra Sides                                    $1.50

Potato Salad                        Cottage Cheese

Chips                                    Apple Sauce           


Potato salad by the pint/quart             $3.99/5.99


Chocolate frozen bananas                   $2.00

With Nuts                                               $2.25

Susie‚Äôs Famous Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches          $2.00

Half dozen (save $1.00)                  $11.00

Specialty cones                                       $1.50