If you would like to order one of our delicious box lunches for your business or upcoming party please send us an email and request our box order form. Then fill out the box order form and send it back to us and we will have your lunch box order ready when you need it. To request a box order form send us an email at susiesbigdipper@yahoo.com .

 Ham and Swisson homemade bread                                             3.75

 Ham and Colby on homemade bread                                            3.75

 Roast beef and Swiss on homemade bread                                  3.75

 Turkey and Colby on homemade bread                                         3.75

 Hot BBQ Pork Sandwich on a bun                                                  3.50

 Hot Shredded Chicken Sandwich on a bun                                   3.50

 Homemade Chicken Salad on homemade bread                          3.75

 Homemade Chicken Salad on lettuce                                             3.50

 Clam Chowder                                                                                    4.00

 Potato Bacon Cheddar soup                                                             3.50

 Vegetable Beef Soup                                                                         3.50

 Tomato Bisque soup                                                                           3.50

 Chili                                                                                                      3.50

 Fresh vegetables with dip                                                                  1.50               

 Chips                                                                                                    1.00               

 Apple, banana, orange                                                                       1.25                             

 Fruit cup                                                                                               1.50   

 Pasta Salad                                                                                          1.25      

 Potato Salad                                                                                         1.25         

 Homemade chocolate chip cookie                                                     1.00       

 Homemade double chocolate brownie                                              1.00

 Candy Bar                                                                                             1.00

 Canned Soda, Bottled Water                                                              1.00

 Bottled Soda, Bottled Tea                                                                   1.50

 Coffee by the pump pot, condiments included                                 7.50

 Ice Tea by the gallon (Unsweetened)                                                 5.00

 Ice Tea by the gallon (Sweetened)                                                     6.00

 Gluten free toss salad with ham, turkey and cheese                        5.75